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Mi Medication Stability Coalition

The Mi Medication Stability Coalition supports patients’ right to stable health through the use of physician directed prescription drugs. When prescription medicines are switched by someone besides a physician, for reasons not related to the patient’s best care, the patient’s health suffers and health care costs are higher.

The Coalition seeks to educate and support the public and policy makers about the importance of medication stability, and to support actions that encourage medication stability.

Why Medication Stability Matters

Patients with chronic health disease and their health care providers often go through a long period of trial and error to find the right prescription medicine and dosage to give the patient a stable health outcome, a predictable treatment regimen and improved quality of life.

Switching medications for reasons not related to the patient’s best care can erode the patient’s health and drive up health care costs for both the patient and for society.

Protecting Patients from Non-Medical Switching

It’s important to keep patients health stable. But health insurers want to push patients from their current medication treatment to one that is less expensive for the health plan. This falls short of the promised coverage that patients depended upon when they signed up for their health plans. Learn more about common tactics that health insurers use and the increased costs that patients face when they are switched.

Protecting Patients from Non-Medical Switching

The Impact of Cost-Motivated Switching

What happens when patients’ medications are switched by insurance companies for reasons rather than the health of the patients’? Learn how medication stability saves money and improves overall health.

Cost-Motivated Switching

The True Costs of Non-Medical Switching

When pharmacy benefit managers or health plans force stable patients into treatments other than those recommended by the physician it’s called non-medical switching. Non-medical switching interrupts the patient-physician relationship, compromises continuity of care, and drives up  costs. Learn about the true costs of how non-medical switching leads to devastating healthcare outcomes, how much switching in-creases health care costs, and its overall negative impact on society.

The True Costs of Non-Medical Switching

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